Powerful system for precast concrete production

M-3080 is a hydraulic tilting table designed for the stationary manufacturing of flat precast concrete parts such as ceilings, walls, facade panels and sandwich elements in solid concrete or lightweight concrete. Complete tilting table system includes flat table with hydraulic edge formwork, timer vibration equipment, hydraulic tipping system and compact remote control. Each individual tilting table is uniquely designed and fabricated to meet the requirements of a particular customer. Technical specifications ranges for M-3080 are as follows:

Length: up to 12000 mm
Width: up to 4000 mm
Height: starting from 750mm*
Permissible area load: up to 1000 kg/m2
Max. thickness of load: up to 400 mm
Hydraulic tipping: up to 80°
Level of surface roughness: according to concrete requirements
* – height could go below 750mm in case of orders without hydraulic tipping system.


Hydraulic tilting tables are widely used in the manufacturing of flat prefabricated concrete products, such as walls, ceilings, panels, tiles and others. Tilting table M-3080 has been specifically designed to facilitate production of prefabricated concrete elements and ensure the quality of the production. Surface of the table guarantees that the manufactured part will stay flat, while 8 independent motors perform the required vibration in order to get rid of possible air bubbles in the concrete. This aids to produce high-quality and robust concrete elements. At the same time hydraulic tilting table M-3080 provides an easy way to dismount ready-made concrete part by tilting the surface up to 800. This hydraulic system has been particularly designed to ensure that there is even pressure on all the parts of the concrete element so no corners would split off.

Custom solution

As the variety of concrete products is quite wide, it is obviously hard to meet customer’s expectations with an off-the-shelf product of the fixed dimensions. One of the advantages of M-3080 is the individual approach to its design that maintains the conformity to the particular requirements for every customer. Such an approach implies flexible dimensions along with specific level of flatness for the surface that allow each tilting table to be unique. Every order of M-3080 starts with the thorough scrutiny of the technical specifications for the concrete elements that are to be produced on the machine. Then, the design is being modified accordingly in order to meet these specifications. One can be absolutely sure that the production made on M-3080 hydraulic tilting table is always in compliance.


Guarantee and maintenance

It is guaranteed that every distinct M-3080 tilting table will maintain the conformity to the requirements for the particular concrete elements that are to be produced on it. Further guarantee for the machine is 2 years. This period extends for the customers with the golden service package. Common maintenance is provided on the separate basis or free of charge for the customers with the golden service package.

Pricing and payment terms

The price for each distinct M-3080 hydraulic tilting table starts from 700€/m2. However, the final price depends on the number of different factors including but not limited to dimensions, level of surface flatness and delivery time. Payment terms are fairly flexible in order to meet the demands and potential of every customer. These are subject to negotiation on a case to case basis. There are also options of payment plans and leasing, backed by third-party financial institution.